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We have a vast experience in the following areas:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Motoring
  • Assault
  • Drugs
  • Sexual offences
  • Robbery
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Fraud
  • Benefit Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Public Order Offences
  • Harassing & Stalking
  • Dangerous Dogs
  • Proceeds of Crime

01 Legal Advisors

Most of our solicitors are also Solicitor Advocates, who regularly defend clients in the Crown Court and appear in the Court of Appeal.

02 Trusted Experience

Firm of experienced solicitors dealing with all aspects of Criminal Defence and Motoring Law matters.

03 We Listen

We are easy to talk to, we will listen to your concerns and we will put you at ease through each stage of the process.


Police Investigations

Between us all at O’Keeffe Law, we have decades of experience at representing clients at the Police Station.  Matters will usually start at the Police Station or the “investigation stage”.  Anyone arrested by the Police is entitled to free and independent legal advice, 24 hours a day. 

The Police also interview on a voluntary basis, by arrangement with the suspect.  This happens regularly these days.  Again, this is free of charge.  It is your right to receive free, independent legal advice regardless of your means.

We will arrange representation immediately.  We will make contact with the Police Station/Officer in the case and confirm our involvement.  This ensures that no questions are asked without us being present to advise and assist.

Once a suspect is arrested and booked in custody, the PACE “clock” starts.  The suspect is usually interviewed and released or charged within 24 hours.  This period can be extended under certain circumstances but not without consulting the solicitor representing the client’s interests. Another reason to request our services. 

When a suspect is booked in at the custody desk, they are given their rights.  One of those rights, the most important one, is whether to have a solicitor.  People are naturally wanting to get out of the Police Station as quickly as possible and believe requesting a solicitor will delay matters.  This is simply not true.  The Police may tell a suspect that it will be quicker without one.  It is totally wrong for them to do that.  Likewise, the Police may say that they just want to have an informal “chat” down the station.  Such a “chat” could result in unnecessary admissions being made and possibly being charged if a solicitor is not present. 

We have solicitors available to attend the police station immediately.  Ask for us, it really can make all the difference.

A suspect can be released from the Police Station on bail or under investigation, if the Police still have further enquiries to make.  If you are released on bail, this means that the Police have a date to work towards, usually 28 days initially.  This can be extended but more often than not, the bail is cancelled and the suspect is released under investigation.  This means that there is no date to work towards and the Police can take over a year to bring any charges.  Even if no charges are brought, often the suspect is not even told that the matter has ended. 

We chase and follow up matters on behalf of our clients and will always keep you advised of progress.

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Court Proceedings

All of our solicitors have extensive advocacy experience and have appeared in courts all over the country for many years.

Attending court could start with being charged at the Police Station before being released or receiving a summons in the post telling you to attend court on a certain date.  If you were interviewed without a solicitor or you do not wish to continue with the solicitor that represented you during interview, call or email us with your court date and we can obtain the evidence from the Crown Prosecution Service.  We have a secure link with the Crown Prosecution Service and will request the papers immediately.

Once we have received the evidence, we will arrange an appointment to go through the same.  We can consider applying for legal aid and confirm representation.  We will advise on the strength of the evidence, request further evidence if necessary and ensure we are ready for the first hearing.

Having been charged, some clients can find themselves remanded in custody.  We will attend to visit the client in custody as a priority to take instructions and prepare the case.

We can represent you in the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court.  The court in which you are dealt with depends on the type of offence that you face.  The more serious matters are heard in the Crown Court.  The vast majority of motoring cases are dealt with in the Magistrates Court.  Regardless of the court venue, representation is vital to securing the best outcome.

royal courts of justice

Security Industry Association Appeals

We represent clients on appeals against the revocation of licences by the SIA.  We have appealed, successfully, on behalf of Security Staff who have been treated unfairly by the SIA.  If you require advice in this field, please contact us.  

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